Putting You Back In Control: A Philosophy on Healthcare 

I wholeheartedly trust that the most healing, restorative processes are those that encourage you to step into your own power and agency, those that connect you to the wisdom of your own body, and those that guide you to a feeling of wholeness.  I have an allergic reaction to systems and processes that ask meContinue reading “Putting You Back In Control: A Philosophy on Healthcare “

The Necessity of Self-Forgiveness

Those who can speak with compassion about the mistakes of their past are the least likely to repeat them in the future. What’s your relationship with forgiveness? How can we cultivate and practice forgiveness for ourselves? And what might the impact be if we fail to address the ways that shame, blame, and guilt surfaceContinue reading “The Necessity of Self-Forgiveness”

A Starting Point: The Non-Negotiable Walk

You’re reading to make a change, but where do you even start…? Gratitude journals? Side Planks? Meditation? Here’s the simplest thing you can start doing today for your mental & physical well-being. Just walk. Not fast. Not far. Not fancy. Trying to reconnect with your body? Manage overwhelming emotions? Lose weight? Increase your vitality? HealContinue reading “A Starting Point: The Non-Negotiable Walk”