1:1 Practitioner Mentorship

1:1 Mentorship is designed to provide you with the support, feedback, and accountability that are often missing from Kinesiology workplaces.

Whether you’re just jumping into clinical practice or looking to up your game, this is a great way to keep up the momentum and continue to build clinical confidence.

Without ongoing support it’s easy to fall back into old habits, go through the motions at work, and be in the same place next year that you are today. Ongoing mentorship keeps you accountable to the growth and evolution you’ve been saying you want.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Mentorship programs are customized to your preferences and desired outcomes. Generally they will involve aspects of:

  • Learning in a specific area you’ve selected (i.e. you’ve decided you want to learn more about improving patient compliance to exercise programs).
  • Ongoing support as you navigate working in clinical practice (i.e. you’d like to talk through case studies, unpack challenges with clients, receive guidance on treatment planning, and get help designing programs).
  • Personal challenges. As we get to know each other further, I will provide you with a roadmap of suggested ways to close the gaps we’ve identified in your skillset.
  • Feedback on your work. You can submit two items per month for video critique and feedback. 
Logistics of our Practitioner Mentorship Program
  • 2x/ month: 60 minute calls, scheduled between the hours of 9am-3pm Monday-Thursday
  • 2x/ month: Video critiques of your submitted work (e.g. client programs, assessment or charting systems, cover letters, resumes, plans for client retention, etc.)
  • Opportunities for peer support, feedback, and networking with other practitioners in mentorship program