I help you turn your physical body into a Vehicle for greater success

Are you succeeding because of your body, or in spite of it?

My work is all about unlocking your potential in terms of physical capacity, energy, and performance. Getting you out of your own way so that you can serve your mission at an even higher level. So you can show up for your team, your company, your family, and yourself at 100%.

This is the gateway to greater power.

Imagine what your life would look like if you consistently kept your word to yourself.

This is the training ground for personal integrity, wholeness, and devotion to self. Devotion to self opens exponentially greater possibilities for devotion to our mission, our vision, our life.

Let’s be clear on one thing: crafting your ideal life and health experience isn’t easy. 

There will be significant challenges you need to overcome. 

My question to you is: Are you more afraid of what could go wrong, or excited about what could go right?

My work is a melding of the Western sciences of kinesiology, biomechanics, & behavioural design (working with our physical and mental realms) and Eastern philosophical and esoteric principles (working with our realms of soul and spirit). I use movement and the teachings of our body as the access to self, soul, and higher states of consciousness.

My professional acumen comes from 8 years of experience in the field of health and rehabilitation, a degree in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, dozens of personal and professional development courses, and coaching more than 500 clients on conquering chronic pain, getting more out of life, and living with power and freedom.

As your coach, I act as your mirror, sounding board, strategist, supporter, cheerleader, and partner. Working together means you are willing to take massive action, make mistakes, reflect on what went wrong, and improve.

As a Kinesiologist turned chronic pain guru turned behavior change specialist, I’m uniquely equipped with the experience, expertise, and practical skills to help you turn your physical body into a vehicle for even greater success and to level up your presence, integrity, and opportunity in life. You can read more of my story here.

with me

I am currently taking new client applications for 2023.

This work is highly experiential. Knowledge is power, but direct experience is liberation.

Your growth, recovery, and healing are brought about by your own willingness, actions, and presence within this co-created space.

Who I Serve

I help high achievers get out of their own way and get more out of life.

I want to stand behind those who have a big mission and purpose in life.

I want to remove roadblocks, decrease friction, and ease the way because the world needs more people like you showing up at their highest and best. I want to open every possible door for you to reach your greatest potential. I want your physical body to be a vehicle for success. So that when you decide to do something, when you set out and say “This is what’s for me” that the entire power and vitality of your physical body is behind that. 

Together, we can open doors for so many others and create change that ripples out to the world.

We need more healed humans leading. 

Life doesn’t get easier or harder, but it does KEEP HAPPENING.

The only time in the past – present – future continuum where we can effect change is now